Q|Cards> is a tabletop card game introducing and teaching some basics concepts of quantum computing. It uses the Qiskit framework offered by IBM to either simulate a quantum circuit conducted through the game play or to run it on an actual quantum computer available through IBM Q Experience. Q|Cards> started as a game prototype at the 2019 Quantum Game Jam, Quantum Wheel and the finished game, developed together with MiTale will be available on play stores.

The game consists of a pack of cards and a mobile app. You can download the app here:

Get it on Google Play
Gameplay with Q|Cards>

The people, that have been involved in the development of the game are:
Guillermo García-Pérez (Game Concept, Game Design, Code, Physics)
Sabrina Maniscalco (production, Physics)
Sylvia Smatanova    (UI Art)
Krista Erkkilä    (Card Art)
Matteo Rossi (Code, Physics)
Boris Sokolov (Code, Physics)
Laura Piispanen (Physics)
Oskari Kerppo    (Game design, Physics)
Jorden Senior    (Game design, Physics)
Samuli Jääskeläinen    (Code)
Elie Abraham    (Music & Sounds)
MiTale team: Aapo Peltola, Natasha Skult