Quantum Black Box

Quantum Black Box is a numerical simulation
of a quantum control optimisation problem.

The Quantum Black Box is a set of code running on a classical computer that numerically simulates the dynamics of particular quantum particles developed alongside the Quantum Game Jam for game development purposes. The code is fed with attributes and it then gives out the calculated output describing the end result of the system. With the input attributes given to the Black Box the caller can manipulate the size and location of a “well potential”, in which the quantum particles lay.

The aim is to manipulate the well in a way to make the particles in it move to another well; something that doesn’t happen all that intuitively! Nevertheless, human intuition has the potential to beat the machine in this task, which gives us motivation to involve a more general audience through games!

The Quantum Black Box enables game developers to create citizen science projects helping topical research questions without a need to understand physics behind it. The games created with the Quantum Black Box also offer the same ease for the players: The player’s decisions within the game can be transformed “under the hood” into the mentioned inputs of the black box, which then returns its output through the game to the player according to how the game designer has planned it. The players don’t need to understand quantum physics either. The biggest challenge for the game developer is to create enjoyable game experiences for the player directing their attention to finding optimal solutions for the given task and possibly even build up an intuition on a quantum research problem!

Quantum Black Box is constantly improved based on the game developers’ feedback. The Quantum Black Box has been used in our Quantum Game Jams and the latest Unity package has been developed together with Turku-based game company MiTale.