Quantum Games

QPlay aims at developing games for science connected to topical research problems within the area of quantum technologies. In addition to this, QPlay is facilitating playful art engagements that can also educate and inform general public.

One of the main missions of the QPlay project is to develop games that help our quantum technology researchers solve research problems in quantum optimal control theory. The motivation for this particular problem arrives from the need of developing quantum computers further.

Together with the team at MiTale and the researchers at Turku Quantum Technology we have developed the Quantum Black Box, that is a numerical simulation aimed to solve a optimization problem to a Unity interface, aimed for the game developers for a more usable tool to be used in actual games. Here we present a web-based version to demonstrate:

QWizQuantum is Magic is developed mainly for Oculus Quest (VR) and can also be played in classrooms on the browser (supported by Chrome and Firefox) HERE. It is a game not for teaching quantum mechanics, but to solve a numerical optimization problem through the game play.

QWiz is a game where you act as a Quantum Wizard apprentice trying to make sense of the behavior of an interesting liquid, a liquid that is moving under the laws of quantum mechanics! Your mission is to make the liquid move to a the right-hand-side glass container (shown in the last of the pictures below) by only moving the left- and right-hand handles (red and blue in the picture).

The game is available on browser, mobile and as a particularly magical virtual reality version and has been on show on multiple events around the world for people from different backgrounds to play. QWiz is constantly under active development and getting a lot of valuable feedback from these events.

The strong point of the game is that it is commercial game due to the expertise from MiTale team as well as its use for science by quantum physics researchers.


Q|Cards> is a tabletop card game introducing and teaching some basics concepts of quantum computing. It uses the Qiskit framework offered by IBM to either simulate a quantum circuit conducted through the game play or to run it on an actual quantum computer available through IBM Q Experience. Q|Cards> started as a prototype at the 2019 Quantum Game Jam, Quantum Wheel and the finished game, developed together with MiTale can be found here.

Quantum Game Jam

Quantum Game Jam is a 2-to-3-day event during which quantum physicists, and game makers get together to develop actual playable game prototypes, teaching concepts about quantum physics, using our Quantum Black Box (since 2016) and using actual quantum computers, offered by the IBM Q Experience (since 2019).

First Quantum Game jam was organized in collaboration between Finnish Game Jam and Turku Quantum Technology 2014 at Tuorla observatory and has been since organised annually. So far close to 70 games have been developed during these events and most of them are available online for anyone to play. In 2019 we organized a special Quantum Game Jam,  Quantum Wheel in collaboration with IBM Zürich and Qiskit offering the jam teams access to IBM’s quantum computer.

Quantum Wheel games  have been showcased also the evening party of the APS March Meeting 2019 hosted by IBM Qiskit.

Games from previous two Quantum Game Jams can be found at:


Professor Maniscalco testing out an early prototype of the game Hamsterwave at the Quantum Game Jam 2019, Quantum Wheel.